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Poison Dart Frogs are some of the tiniest and beautiful creatures on the planet; they are also incrediably deadly. So, why call this blog "Tiny Dart Frog"? It goes back to the old adage - good things come in small packages. We are all created exactly as God has intended - unique, strong, and beautiful.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Look of Love

Lately I've felt my oldest son pulling away...this doesn't really bother me because I know he supposed to do it.  And - he still talks to me - sorta.  And every once in awhile he'll send me a text that's a smiley face or something  - so I know we're good.

Today he and I were in the car alone together and I was goofing around with him.  I said something like, "Oh, you know Bud, this is what mom's do.  We are supposed to act silly and embarrass you.  It's just because I love you."

He rolled his eyes.

I continued talking about an idea I had to do at church...something I thought he would like.  Something I thought was "cool" enough for him...

He laughed and rolled his eyes.

I teasingly said, "You used to not roll your eyes at me, you know?  You used to snuggle me and look at me like you loved me."

He rolled his eyes and said, "Oh, Mom, don't worry - this is just the new way I look at you to tell you that I love you."

Then he rolled his eyes again and went back to looking out the window.

I'm glad he said that.  I didn't need to hear it, really.  He and I have a fun relationship and most of the time I look at him and think he's amazing.  But, I'm glad he said it to remind me (and himself) that love looks very different and varying points in our lives.  And not one of them is better than the other - just different.  And harder to appreciate sometimes.

The look of love - look for it, you may find it in unexpected places...like in a van on the way to a birthday party.

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