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Friday, November 13, 2009

Professional Days

My kids are off school today...and they were off yesterday...and they only went to school for a half day the day before that. As I am typing there is a mad thundering of footsteps going on upstairs. I'm fairly certain I have about three minutes to type before someone is bleeding from the head. This is the way it is when you are a mom of three rambunctious boys.

The truth is I had big plans for these days - we could clean out their closets, read together, have yummy meals, maybe going on a hike, have friends over to play. And we have done those things, amidst the chaos and rain which has ensued.

The following are things that people just don't tell you when you are contemplating parenthood - in the past few days I have been reminded that:

1. children bleed - a lot.
2. children can eat vast quantities of donuts and not gain a pound.
3. children (especially boys, I think) can turn anything into a weapon, despite the fact that I really despise violence of any kind and tell them this repeatedly.
4. children burp a lot and they think it's very funny.
5. children see no reason to get dressed, shower, brush their teeth, or in general practice any type of hygienic measures when they don't have to go to school.
6. children forget what an "indoor voice" is after awhile.
7. children can never, ever have enough legos (I do not understand how this is possible given the amount of legos we own, but I am quite certain it's true).
8. children do not sleep in when there is no school, however they are sooo tired when there is school.
9. children can look around at an amazingly messy room, full of toys and claim there is nothing to do (when all I can think is, "Really? Nothing? Hmmm...how about clean up this disaster area!")
10. children...thinking I should leave this blank - I still have to get through the weekend.

But, seriously...there is a lot to be said for that list, which it just doesn't convey, like:

How nice it is to not have to do anything, how compassionate my children are (at least when someone is bleeding), how they can turn anything into a game, how their whole view of life is it's for fun, how they just can't wait to start the day...

I know we have these "Professional Days" so teachers can have conferences with parents, but in some ways, maybe they should be called "Child Days". There's not too much professionalism going on, but the children are having a damn good time. And, me, well, I'm pretty darn happy surrounded by the mayhem which is my life.

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